Hosted Hikes
Above Crooked Lake 2012
Below Lakeland Highlands
Scrub 2014
Locate the geocache by GPS or by
following the written instructions.  
Stamp your card and trade goodie.
Trek Ten Trails is a free web-based recreation program launched in 2007 that is designed
to get families “off the couch” and outdoors to enjoy nature in Polk County’s many parks and
nature preserves.  Each cycle highlights different trails with new geocache which can be
located with or without a GPS unit.  Trekkers choose 10 of the trails to hike and validate their
game cards with self-inking stamps found in the geocache.  Hosted hikes are generally
conducted in the fall and spring of each year with an annual celebration for those
completing a game card.

December 19, 2015 – MacKay Gardens
January 16, 2016 – Green Swamp Hampton Tract
February 13, 2016 – Lake Marion Creek / Stokes Preserve
March 12, 2016 – Green Swamp East / Trial Ford
April 2, 2016 - Crooked Lake Prairie

Special Friends
and Sponsors
Game cards are available at any
Polk County Public Library, Circle
B Bar Reserve and Outpost 27,
and Polk County Parks and
Recreation office.

Download Game Card
Complete information for each hike including GPS coordinates, plus easy-to-follow written
instructions to find the  cache without a GPS!  
Click here to learn more about the  FACTSHEET  

Hosted hikes start at 9:00 am or Hike anytime on your own. Share the fun with
family and friends!  Get 10 different stamps on your Game Card and mail it in by
October 29, 2016 to eligible for a Certificate of Completion and a souvenir token*
(Geocoin or Pathtag) at the Annual Celebration on November 5, 2016.  

Check out the Facebook page for photos or to post a photo of your treks.

*Limit one free trackable Geocoin per person (also available for $12 donation).