About Friends of the Parks

The parks in Polk County are among the county’s greatest treasures. They provide scenic resources, historical sites and outstanding recreational opportunities. The Friends of the Parks Foundation helps the parks and recreation departments of Polk County enhance, promote, protect and preserve the parks. With rising costs and increasing populations, they need our help more than ever. Recreation sites allow people to participate in all types of organized sports, water recreation or just enjoy nature. Polk County offers many opportunities for fun, adventure and relaxation in its parks. Parks have always been important to Polk County, but parks and recreation needs cannot be met through public funding alone.

What We Do

• Secure funds for parks and recreation programs.
• Provide a medium for discussion and an opportunity for citizens to get involved.
• Promote public awareness of the value and benefit of parks.
• Encourage the acquisition of green spaces and the enhancement of public parks.
• Assist with special events and ongoing projects.

In order for donated goods, services and funds to be designated to specific parks or projects, Friends of the Parks can establish dedicated sub-accounts. For instance, Mosaic Peace River Park is one of those sub-accounts. Any donation contemplated by your organization can be specifically designated for and spent at the park or project you choose. Donations are tax deductible to the extent
allowed by applicable laws.

Mission Statement

The Friends of the Polk County Parks Foundation is a charitable organization that was established in December 1993.

Our mission is to promote and support Polk County’s parks and recreation departments in providing parks, open space, and recreational services for the public. Our volunteer board of directors works to promote donations from individuals, organizations, and private industry to support our programs which includes Dirt Days, Trek Ten Trails and Park Partners.

We also advocate for adequate funding for parks, do targeted fundraising and seek grants to support our work.  We maintain a website and Facebook page to keep the public informed of activities, programs, and park issues.

 Our programs are cooperative efforts – we could not do it without our partners and supporters. 

Board of Directors

Marian Ryan, President           
Amee Bailey, Vice President
Jennifer Nanek, Secretary
Deena Wilbur, Treasurer 

Adam Bass
Charles Cook
Judy Segler Joiner
Robbie Shields